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Early sign-ups receive up to $17 per Disney Vacation Point.
Disney Vacation Club Members love KOALA Concierge because it’s so easy!
Enroll in KOALA Concierge, a full-service rental program for DVC Members
Our team gets bookings fast and handles all the details with the guests.
You sit back and get paid! Remember, early sign-ups earn up to $17 per point.

We ensure that Disney Vacation Club Members get the highest payouts in the industry from their Vacation Points with a team of experts & cutting edge technology that make it seamless, secure & simple for you. We handle all guest communication, secure payments and are the only company to provide FREE $1M host insurance. Our technology solutions mean less manual labor to secure & manage bookings. Welcome to the future of DVC rentals.

KOALA is not affiliated with any resort brand. It represents individual timeshare owners to connect them directly with guests.

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