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Are you tired of timeshare rentals feeling like a full-time job? KOALA does all the heavy lifting for you.
That means no more haggling over prices, faxing bulky rental contracts, or waiting (praying!) for a check to arrive.
Welcome to the future of timeshare rentals.

Pay to play.

Pay to list, pay to join, it’s payday for the other guys. And it’s the old way of doing things. Travelers don’t want to cough up just to browse listings — which means missed opportunities to rent.

Do it yourself.

Spend hours of your life speaking with vacationers, negotiating with potential renters, collecting payments, and managing check-ins. And if anything goes wrong, guess who’s responsible? You. No thanks.

You're on your own.

Did you know that you can be responsible if something bad happens in your timeshare, even if you're not the one staying in it? The risk is all on you.

Listing is free.

We don’t collect any money upfront, so we don’t get paid unless you do. That means we have to work harder to get you results.

We're full service.

We handle all of the legwork so you don’t have to. That includes assisting owners with their listings, handling payments, communicating with guests, managing check-ins, and mediating any disputes. It’s all part of your free listing. We do it all — because you’ve got better things to do, right?

We protect you.

All of our timeshare owners are protected against personal liability and damages to the unit with $1 million in Host insurance — it’s automatic and it’s free.

What People Are Saying

"Within 4 hours of listing, our property rented at a very satisfactory price. KOALA locks in 5+ stars by providing $1M insurance coverage at no additional cost."
Ernie T.
“The KOALA team is exceptional & has gone above and beyond to help me rent my timeshare. I honestly think they should charge more considering the attention to detail and terrific communication.”
“I've had success in renting out [my timeshare before], but it's time-consuming to do it. Your site makes this a whole lot easier!”
Beverly D.

Are you a timeshare owner?

Let KOALA help you cover your maintenance fees.

KOALA enables timeshare owners to easily and securely list their timeshare for rent to anyone in the world. Our global marketplace connects travelers to your listings, so you have the opportunity to earn money on your rental.

Commission on successful rentals ONLY
$1M Host Insurance free with every booking
Secure payments
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Common questions about renting your timeshare

What is KOALA?

KOALA is the fastest-growing online marketplace for “by-owner” timeshare rentals. We’ve exceeded $2 Million in rentals this year alone. Owners can create free listings or join our full-service Concierge program. Either way, you never pay an upfront fee to list, ever.

Can I still list on other sites?

Yes - we started KOALA because we believe you should have control over your timeshare - not the other way around. If your listing is no longer unavailable for rent, simply delete it from our platform right away. It’s always easy and free to list and to remove a timeshare rental on KOALA. Maintaining the integrity of our marketplace provides a better experience for all.

How do I get paid?

We secure payments from guests and the funds are placed into a holding account. As soon as your guest successfully checks in, the funds are released to the bank of your choice. All transactions are handled safely and securely. This brings peace of mind to both parties, which leads to more trust and more bookings!

What if I don't have a reservation?

Check our guide to The Secret of Creating a Successful Listing. It’s full of insider tips and tricks to making reservations that are likely to get booked. It’s the perfect introduction if you’re new to rentals. Still unsure? Get your feet wet with our full-service Concierge option and learn the ropes from our expert team!

How should I price my rental?

In general, we recommend setting the price of your rental close to your maintenance fee or reservation cost. That keeps it very competitive while also helping offset your expenses. It’s also a good idea to check the price of similar accommodations on other sites to make sure your listing is competitive. Watch our pricing guide.

Do I need a contract?

You don’t need to write a contract or deal with endless paperwork, because we’ve taken care of that for you. All bookings on KOALA are governed by our Terms, that includes free, $1 Million in insurance protection for owners. List with confidence, rent with confidence.

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